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What's Needed

With our platform your will be able to access virtual reality content through our dashboard and the following.

To experience our virtual reality is actually very easy and affordable. You need three things:

1. Smartphone: You need a current smart phone such as an iPhone or Android. The larger the screen the better. Currently, the best phones for VR are made by Samsung (Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Edge S6 and Edge S7 as well as the Note 5) because they have a dedicated VR viewer (see below). Other Android devices and iPhones make use of more generic viewers.

2. VR Viewer: If you own one of the Samsung phones listed above, we strongly recommend you use the Samsung Gear VR. It retails for approximately $99.

For all other phones, the standard is Google Cardboard. They will work with most any phone capable of running Cardboard apps. There are many Google Cardboard devices at all prices levels. The most affordable (~$15) are just that – viewers made out of cardboard. For a few dollars more, plastic viewers are available. The prices for viewers go up in relation to the quality of the viewer. Important: be sure to use a viewer that has a head strap. Involutions are typically 10 to 15 minutes long and holding the viewer to your eyes will become tiresome and distracting.

We recommend the following:

– Inexpensive ($15 – $20): DOMO Cardboard

– Moderate ($20 – $30): Shinecon VR – plastic construction, better optics, focusing knobs

– Premium ($80 – $100): There are a myriad of choices available at this price level. We’re particularly fond of Homido. Stouter construction, more comfortable, multiple focusing options, superior optics.

3. Internet Connectivity: To access our content you will need a good internet preferably a strong wifi connection of at least 100mbps.

That’s it! Once you have those three things it is just a matter of installing a couple of free apps and you can get started.

Where to Download the App for Your Mobile Phone

Yes, you will want to install the following application 'Google Cardboard'

Google App - Download Here

IOS App - Download Here


Do I Need Headphones?

We recommend noise canceling headphones such as the Serenity II Headphones by our partners at or any plugin headphones for your phone that give you good quality sound.

View Video And It's Blurry

If you are viewing the video and it's blurry, you may need to take your phone out and look at it and make sure you are using the split screen while using the VR headset. If you see a single image, you are not in "VR" mode. Look on the video screen for an icon that looks like your goggles and click on this, that will put you in "VR" mode.

Can I View Videos From My Computer

For sure, you can always watch the videos within our platform and our player has 360 rotation in the computer environment by mouse. We however do believe that viewing it via VR goggles is going to give you a more true experience.


Can We Request Certain Types of Videos

Of course, we are always happy to hear from our users and want this platform to be one that helps. While we are in Beta we will be offering a couple of courses, but feel free to contact us if you have an idea and we will consider this for a course.