About Virtual Reality Therapies

We are the first of it's kind online platform for providing in home and workplace therapies.

Virtual Reality Therapies is the first of its kind VR Therapy offering for both an online solution as well as corporate solutions and workplace therapies. Our online VR Therapy is in both Virtual and 360 Video formats.

Some of the biggest factors influencing and denigrating workforce efficiency are STRESS and ANXIETY. These two physical/mental conditions are the most destructive in interpersonal relations, productivity, and positive daily integration in the workplace.

High levels of STRESS and ANXIETY can create conflicts, substance use and abuse general disharmony within a company structure. VirtualRealityTherapies.com (VRT) has s simple system to REDUCE WORKPLACE STRESS. Our system provides solutions right in the workplace and can be utilized during a coffee break, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

VirtualRealityTherapies.com provides ten-minute SERENITY SESSIONS, delivered in 3D and in virtual reality goggles. These sessions include sight, sound, and narratives designed to relax and refresh your employees.

While every individual is different as to the nature or source of their workplace anxieties, VRT SERENITY SESSIONS, induce total body relaxation and coping mechanisms, applicable to all. We are the national leader in Virtual Reality Therapies.

All of our company information will remain confidential and privileged I will call you in the near future to discuss our concepts with you.



Kent Phillips

Kent possesses a lifetime of addiction experience and training in counseling. Thirty years in Alcoholics Anonymous, plus training as a BS and as a Master of Science in Addiction Counseling (MSAC). Kent Founded Virtual Reality Therapies to help those with addictions and mental health problems.


Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell is an entrepreneur and founder of 2 marketing agencies in Phoenix, AZ. His background is in scaling and positioning businesses online to gain attraction and capital. He has worked on multiple campaigns that have brought in over 5 million in revenue to businesses through outreach and connections.

Head of VR Research

Rahman Mustapha

Rahman is a Senior at BASIS Mesa in Mesa, Arizona. He is currently studying neuroscience and has a large interest in virtual reality and its applications for cognitive and behavioral treatment. Rahman enjoys learning about new advancements in virtual reality technology.



VRT provides three-dimensional reality therapy/courses addressing certain mental health protocols. Anxiety, PTSD, Anger management, and workplace stress reduction are key offerings. VRT operates primarily in the United States and Canada and is the prime distributor of Virtual Reality programs to the mental health industry and direct to patients. Contributors to the vRT offerings include Universities, Creative Companies, and production entities. 

VRTs business goal is to make mental health courses and treatments available to everyone, in their own private setting, and to make protocols available at the patient's discretion.